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The Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation in Enterprise Direct Marketing


The Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation in Enterprise Direct Marketing

KleerMail’s enterprise Direct Marketing automation platform removes the obstacles that limit what you can accomplish with your Direct Mail channel and transforms the way you plan, execute and optimize your Direct Marketing programs.


5X-8X the ROI

Unfortunately, you barely have time to get your massive mailings out the door without complicating the process.

More personalization.
Not more work.

By automating your Direct Mail campaigns, KleerMail allows you to version communications at scale to quickly and consistently deliver personalized content and offers to each member of your target audience, and reach millions of customers and prospects simultaneously, across all Direct Mail formats.


Direct Mail response by 35%

The bad news is, you don’t have nearly enough time or resources to implement a complex testing strategy to improve results.

More testing.
Not more resources.

With KleerMail, you can easily implement multivariate testing any time you want  and at scale  across all your Direct Marketing programs, quickly identifying the winning variables and optimizing your successes without increasing your staff.


conversion by 10%-30%

The problem is, your Direct Mail and email programs are dependent on multiple teams and resources, making it difficult to execute and integrate campaigns quickly.

Better integration.
Not higher costs.

KleerMail consolidates your Direct Mail programs into a centralized and secure cloud platform that integrates with your Data Management, CRM, Campaign Management, MRM and other marketing technology — allowing you to quickly access critical data across all your programs, increase your speed to market and maximize campaign integration, without inflating costs.

Bringing Enterprise Direct Marketing into the Digital Age.

You’re welcome.

At KleerMail, we understand your enterprise-level Direct Marketing challenges, because we’ve been there. As experienced Direct Marketers, we too, were frustrated with the lack of visibility into our Direct Mail programs, the decentralized and disorganized way data was managed and the inflexibility of Direct Mail campaigns we couldn’t change on the fly. That’s why we created KleerMail.

We have managed more than $1 billion of marketing investments and currently work with some of the world’s largest brands, helping them move their offline Direct Mail campaigns to a secure Digital platform that increases their capabilities and improves their results.

Transform your Direct Marketing capability with KleerMail’s Enterprise Transformation Solution
Leverage our Direct Marketing expertise and technology to drive revenue and improve campaign performance.

Discover new ways to improve Direct Marketing performance and ROI.

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The Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation in Enterprise Direct Marketing


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