Common Questions

Getting Started

How do I get started with KleerMail?

Getting started is easy — you can get in touch with us through the “Request a Consultation” button at the top of this page, or by dialing 888-273-3420. From there, we’ll have an introductory call to understand your Direct Marketing challenges and pain points, and get to know each other. Don’t be afraid to reach-out for a friendly chat — you’re most likely a marketer who works at a large company with a complex buying process. We get it, live it every day and enjoy getting to know our future clients as we take the time to understand your needs, build a relationship and demonstrate our value to you and your colleagues.

How much does KleerMail cost?

We’re oriented around enterprise value, not cost. Our platform is self-liquidating in terms of client investment, and our executive sponsors and management teams are impressed with our payback period.

What is the onboarding process like?

The onboarding process is guided by KleerMail and is thoughtful and straight-forward. We’ve developed a framework and roadmap for onboarding our clients and any third party vendors or agencies. We’ll take time to fully understand your Direct Marketing environment, partner with your teams to uncover immediate areas of value and process improvement, and identify and train a pilot team who will ensure everything is good to go prior to an enterprise-wide rollout.

KleerMail Technology

What does KleerMail’s technology do?

KleerMail provides marketers with an enterprise software platform for managing and deploying Direct Mail campaigns across the lifecycle—from communications planning through in-market reporting.

How will your technology improve our Direct Marketing performance?

Our technology simplifies and automates complex Direct Mail campaigns within a centralized digital ecosystem that connects strategy, data, content development, supply chain and response channels for better marketing outcomes. Our platform reduces significant time and cost waste from the process and provides real-time information on every program, 24/7/365.

Does KleerMail integrate with other marketing technologies?

Absolutely. KleerMail was born in the cloud and is purpose-built to integrate with campaign management, enterprise CRM/data management and marketing automation platforms for better marketing outcomes. Integration means improved data connectivity, enhanced multi-channel messaging, higher levels of personalization and better reporting.

Does KleerMail operate as a stand-alone solution?

Yes. KleerMail is built for enterprise Direct Marketing environments and can operate as a standalone collaboration and workflow platform for Direct Mail campaign planning, data & mailing list operations, content development, printing and mailing, vendor quality control, postage management and reporting and compliance.

How do you handle data security and information protection?

Our platform is HIPAA and SOC 70 compliant, and we meet all the data and information security requirements of enterprise environments. Beyond technical security, our team is trained and audited for compliance with client information and data security requirements.

Does KleerMail provide a reporting capability?

Yes. Transparency is a core benefit of our platform and we provide 24/7 reporting and dashboard access across all critical areas of your Direct Marketing campaigns and operations. Information is no longer buried in Outlook, Excel, desktop files, PowerPoint decks or worse — with third-party vendors. With KleerMail, you have everything in one place, fully transparent, and available on demand. Our reporting is also exportable for use outside our platform.

Does KleerMail have a roadmap for future development?

Definitely. We’re experts in complex Direct Marketing and leverage our deep experience to bring valuable features to market. Additionally, we’re partnering with the most innovative marketing teams at Fortune 500 companies and are developing revolutionary technology for enterprise Direct Marketing environments.

KleerMail’s Business Impact

How will KleerMail help me improve my ROI?

KleerMail will increase your speed-to-market, scale your personalization, and lower the costs of Direct Mail planning, content development and distribution. It will also keep you informed of what’s happened, and what’s next across your entire Direct Marketing operation. You will be able to expand the reach of your existing budget, engage your prospects and customers with more relevant and timely messages, and keep your marketing teams happy by providing them with technology designed to help them do their jobs better. With the newly-found time in their workday, your marketing teams can think of new ways to grow your revenue, rather than burning out on mundane tasks and daily fire-drills that distract from innovation and better marketing performance.

How does KleerMail enable faster, more consistent testing?

KleerMail is a marketing automation platform that streamlines the entire Direct Mail process. By applying marketing automation and artificial intelligence to an offline process, marketers gain the ability to easily introduce more variables and formats to their Direct Mail campaigns. It also allows you to test channel-pairing combinations with your Digital efforts. All the Big Data in the world doesn’t help if you lack Big Deployment, which is where we step in to scale campaign variables and provide closed-loop reporting, so you know what worked, what to repeat, and what to avoid in the future.

How will KleerMail impact my current staff?

Technology can help you accomplish some amazing things, but it still requires excellent and committed team members to operate it effectively. Your staff will be trained to leverage our platform to optimize your Direct Mail investments and will be able to replace time dedicated to mundane tasks to higher-value activities. Direct Marketing professionals have long been lacking technology tools to do their jobs better and will be excited to see that your company is making an investment in them.

How will my vendor relationships change?

KleerMail was built to accommodate marketers with complex supply chain environments. Your vendor relationships can remain intact, but they will be further enhanced by a streamlined process, improved collaboration, transparency, auditing and reporting capabilities. Your suppliers may already be on our platform, which would expedite their onboarding, or we’ll train them on your new Direct Marketing automation technology and workflows.

How does KleerMail help me get to market faster?

Our Direct Marketing technology streamlines and automates planning, content development and distribution, which allows marketers to stream data and personalized content to the target audience based on workflows, data triggers and business rules. We don’t re-invent the wheel with every campaign, rather, we standardize your Direct Marketing operations across a single platform so that every campaign is planned, executed and quality controlled with the fewest required steps and human touchpoints.

How does KleerMail help me increase personalization?

We scale personalization by automating the application of variables across a campaign, and any Direct Mail format. We apply data from across your marketing organization and data platforms to dynamically develop content that resonates with your audience. While traditional approaches to scaling personalization variables would create a vendor, proofing and quality control nightmare — our platform intelligently mitigates that, so you can focus on interpreting the results of the campaign, and plan your future successes.

What if I don’t have vendors, or no longer want to dedicate team bandwidth managing a supply chain?

Not a problem. We have a network of curated suppliers that are trained on our technology and can produce any Direct Mail format at an optimal market price. Our network can mail within 24 hours of receipt of content, and offers a 100% quality guarantee. We’ll also take care of all postage and logistics to ensure you’re always paying the lowest possible postage.

What if my agency or marketing services provider (MSP) manages my Direct Mail campaigns?

We already work with agencies and MSPs who use our platform. Your collaboration and relationship with those providers will be further enhanced with KleerMail, and you’ll simultaneously lower or eliminate your project and production management costs, as well as any mark-ups or commissions you’re paying on Direct Mail outsourcing. Your agency partners will still be able to provide their strategy, consulting and creative services and you can provide them access to KleerMail for efficient campaign deployment, transparency and reporting.

Still have questions?