Definitely. We’re experts in complex Direct Marketing and leverage our deep experience to bring valuable features to market. Additionally, we’re partnering with the most innovative marketing teams at Fortune 500 companies and are developing revolutionary technology for enterprise Direct Marketing environments.

Yes. Transparency is a core benefit of our platform and we provide 24/7 reporting and dashboard access across all critical areas of your Direct Marketing campaigns and operations. Information is no longer buried in Outlook, Excel, desktop files, PowerPoint decks or worse — with third-party vendors. With KleerMail, you have everything in one place, fully transparent, and available on demand. Our reporting is also exportable for use outside our platform.

Our platform is HIPAA and SOC 70 compliant, and we meet all the data and information security requirements of enterprise environments. Beyond technical security, our team is trained and audited for compliance with client information and data security requirements.

Yes. KleerMail is built for enterprise Direct Marketing environments and can operate as a standalone collaboration and workflow platform for Direct Mail campaign planning, data & mailing list operations, content development, printing and mailing, vendor quality control, postage management and reporting and compliance.

Absolutely. KleerMail was born in the cloud and is purpose-built to integrate with campaign management, enterprise CRM/data management and marketing automation platforms for better marketing outcomes. Integration means improved data connectivity, enhanced multi-channel messaging, higher levels of personalization and better reporting.

Our technology simplifies and automates complex Direct Mail campaigns within a centralized digital ecosystem that connects strategy, data, content development, supply chain and response channels for better marketing outcomes. Our platform reduces significant time and cost waste from the process and provides real-time information on every program, 24/7/365.

KleerMail provides marketers with an enterprise software platform for managing and deploying Direct Mail campaigns across the lifecycle—from communications planning through in-market reporting.