The onboarding process is guided by KleerMail and is thoughtful and straight-forward. We’ve developed a framework and roadmap for onboarding our clients and any third party vendors or agencies. We’ll take time to fully understand your Direct Marketing environment, partner with your teams to uncover immediate areas of value and process improvement, and identify and train a pilot team who will ensure everything is good to go prior to an enterprise-wide rollout.

We’re oriented around enterprise value, not cost. Our platform is self-liquidating in terms of client investment, and our executive sponsors and management teams are impressed with our payback period.

Getting started is easy — you can get in touch with us through the “Request a Consultation” button at the top of this page, or by dialing 888-273-3420. From there, we’ll have an introductory call to understand your Direct Marketing challenges and pain points, and get to know each other. Don’t be afraid to reach-out for a friendly chat — you’re most likely a marketer who works at a large company with a complex buying process. We get it, live it every day and enjoy getting to know our future clients as we take the time to understand your needs, build a relationship and demonstrate our value to you and your colleagues.