Enterprise DIRECT MARKETING Transformation

Upgrade your Direct Marketing operation to lower Direct Mail costs, increase Direct Mail speed & ROI.

Yesterday: Offline Direct Mail Operating Model

You’re investing heavily in Direct Mail because it drives a significant chunk of your top-line revenue. But you’re probably doing it through an extended team that consists of many separate resources — decentralized teams, spreadsheets, external agencies, printers, and specialized vendors — that need to be directed and managed.

This means there’s a limit to what you can do. Your teams don’t have the tools to efficiently test and refresh your Direct Mail content or integrate Direct Mail with other channels. So, while your Direct Mail is reliable, it’s slow, risky, expensive and under-leveraged.

Today: Digital, On-Demand Direct Marketing Platform Model

KleerMail’s Enterprise Direct Marketing platform empowers you to optimize your Direct Mail for speed, cost, quality and transparency at scale. As a result, campaigns are automated, your customer data is secure, information is on-demand, your printers follow your process and your teams are happier and more efficient. Additionally, your campaigns are more effective and your Direct Marketing costs are lower, delivering real results to your bottom line.

We partner with you to onboard your teams, agencies and print vendors to the KleerMail platform and develop new processes, team roles and workflows to make everyone successful. Change isn’t easy, but we specialize in helping leaders of complex Direct Marketing teams upgrade their capabilities to optimize their speed, quality and costs.

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