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Direct Mail innovation is no longer a contradiction in terms.

KleerMail® is an entirely new approach to Direct Mail. It’s where marketing automation and proven offline expertise merge to create powerful results for marketers.

KleerMail® is an entirely new approach to Direct Mail. It’s where marketing automation and proven offline expertise merge to create powerful results for marketers.

DM Innovation LabTM

Welcome to the DM Innovation Lab.TM

Direct Mail is a highly sophisticated, highly complex thing: people, processes, data, physical production, logistics, analysis—they all come together to change consumer behaviors and move bottom lines. KleerMail’s DM Innovation Lab is where technologists, engineers, academic institutions, entrepreneurs and cross-disciplinary thinkers come together to explore exciting new approaches to making it all work.

KleerMail Team

Chris Nolan, Founder & CEO

Chris is a serial entrepreneur and veteran direct marketer who has worked across the agency, client and supply chain sides of the marketing industry. +

Chris has been an innovator in the Direct Marketing industry for over 20 years and has partnered with Fortune 500 executives on leveraging marketing technology infrastructure to scale personalization, increase investment profitability and digitally transform their Direct Marketing capabilities. Chris identified the market’s need for an enterprise direct marketing automation platform and founded KleerMail to lower costs, increase speed to market and scale personalization across enterprise direct marketing investments.

He has directed the strategy, marketing operations, personalization and supply chain management of over one billion highly-personalized Direct Mail communications for enterprise marketing teams. Marketers at AT&T, FedEx, CVS Health, CIGNA, SuperValu, IBM, Talbots, Partners in Health, Gulf, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, have entrusted Chris with over $500 million in direct marketing investments. Today, he leverages those experiences and insights to digitally transform enterprise marketing capabilities.

Chris is a graduate of Bentley University and invests his time in coaching and encouraging young entrepreneurs who are launching start-ups in the marketing, technology and service verticals.

Brandon Beatty, CFA, Co-Founder

Brandon is an experienced investor and quantitative analyst, with a specialty and passion for leveraging data, analytics and technology to optimize returns across large-scale investment portfolios.+

Given the criticality and scale of enterprise direct marketing investments, Brandon advises KleerMail clients on strategies for applying innovative marketing technology, analytics and process improvement to increase operating leverage, lower costs and improve overall direct marketing performance. As Co-Founder of KleerMail, Brandon has partnered with enterprise marketing executives to identify tens of millions of dollars in efficiencies, and has helped reallocate budget into more predictable and profitable marketing investments.

He began his career at TD Bank, where he specialized in fixed income advisory, before joining a Boston-based private equity firm where he developed investment strategies for a $500MM opportunistic investment fund.

Brandon is a CFA Charterholder, a Master Chef, and received a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Boston University Questrom School of Business

Jennifer DePace, VP Product Development

Jenn is a printing scientist, and has over 15 years of experience in product development and creating highly-scalable direct marketing technology platforms. +

Serving as Vice President of Product Development, Jenn understands the mission critical nature of Direct Mail initiatives and brings industry expertise from both the client and supplier perspective to the KleerMail platform. She is able to offer insights into Direct Mail strategy, supplier selection and deployment to help KleerMail clients and vendors improve operating efficiency and increase Direct Mail return on investment.

During her tenure at Imagitas, a nationally recognized marketing services provider, Jenn served as Product Director for $150MM in lifestyle Direct Mail programs for leading brands. She evaluated suppliers, analyzed profitability, and developed new offerings to ensure product differentiation and innovation.

Jenn holds an M.S. degree in Leadership, with a Concentration in Project Management from Northeastern University and a B.S. in Printing Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Lauren Peresada, Client Success Manager

Lauren has over 10 years of experience in Marketing Technology, Variable Data Printing and Client Success, partnering with hundreds of Enterprise & SMB marketing teams. +

With her unique background in both marketing technology and Direct Mail, Lauren helps marketers leverage the KleerMail platform to drive direct marketing profitability and customer acquisition successes. She enjoys being an extension of client marketing and innovation teams, and a trusted resource for optimizing their direct marketing investments. Lauren partners with clients on onboarding and training, profitable campaign development, testing, and aligning Direct Mail and digital marketing strategies.

Prior to joining KleerMail, Lauren served as Principal Client Success Manager at HubSpot, working alongside Enterprise clients implementing software to reach their marketing goals. She began her career at a Boston-based printing company where she became an expert in variable data printing, paper, print quality and hyper-personalized Direct Mail.

Lauren is a graduate of Curry College with a B.A. in Biology and additional concentrations in Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology.

Adam Le, Director of Engineering

Adam is a seasoned software engineer who has been instrumental to the delivery of critical government and privately funded projects. +

Adam has over 10 years of experience in desktop, web, mobile, and embedded software development. He has ensured the timely completion and delivery of FDA approved/CE marked medical devices and applications while maintaining the highest quality. Adam has worked closely with within government institutions and healthcare environments to guarantee the successful rollout of the products his team has delivered. He has architected multiple deployment solutions to meet the demanding requirements of enterprise stakeholders.

With a background in databases, distributed systems, and software deployment solutions, Adam leverages his diverse experiences and best practices to ensure successful deployment of KleerMail’s platform for clients and suppliers. Adam’s focus on efficacious deliverables assists in KleerMail’s continued growth and success.

Adam holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois.

We’re honored to be turning heads.

KleerMail Named A Top Business Application Vendor

CRN Magazine annually recognizes startups that are introducing technology that is both a high-margin solution and an innovation to the industry as a whole. KleerMail is proud to have been named a Top Business Application vendor and recognized as one of the hottest emerging technologies by CRN, three years running.

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